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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Solomon Burke - Cool Breeze (1972)

1. Cool Breeze
2. PSR 1983
3. The bus
4. Icbyatht W.T.? (based on William Tell overture)
5. Get up and do something for yourself
6. Love's street and fool's road
7. It must be love | Fight back
8. Then I want to come home (instr.)
9. Then I want to come home (vocal)
10. We're almost home
Solomon Burke enlisted the help of Gene Page and Jerry Styner for the purposes of orchestrating and co-ordinating this great soundtrack LP. A distinct move away from his soul tracks of the 1960s, the vocal numbers on the 'Cool Breeze' LP are very funky with a slow, early 70s groove. The instrumental tracks come highly recommended, being faster and equally funky. The sound is full, with the core funk band augmented by a brass-heavy orchestra. Well worth listening to; the film is entertaining too.

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