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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Various Artist - Black Fist (1977)

1. Humphrey's Overture (02:23)
Paul Humphrey
2. Same Thing Happens (07:17)
Jesse James
3. Here I Go Again (03:20)
Velvet Fire
4. She Said Hell No! (03:49)
Art & Ron
5. I'm Your Man's Helping Hand (02:37)
Sam & Jus'Us
6. L.A. Gray (03:30)
Geraldine Kaye
7. Can't Stop Talkin' (03:01)
Art & Ron
8. I'm Your Man (02:55)
Art & Ron
9. Leroy (03:37)
Sam Shabrin
10. Let's Do It Again (03:14)
Denise Gordy
11. Pearlie Gates (01:39)
A special issue soundtrack album taken from an obscure blaxploitation martial arts film. The music is a mix of appalling vocal disco tracks and great late 70s funk instrumentals, this whole album has a raw feel that is very appealing. Features Paul Humphrey, Jesse James, Velvet Fire, Art and Ron, Sam and Jus' Us, Geraldine Kaye, Sam Shabrin, Denise Gordy and Bishop Mounger.


Solomon said...

Thank you.

Hrangue said...

This Leroy track is really nice.

Unknown said...

thank you very much

Stretch said...

Thank You very much!!! :-)

lmd said...

can I download this?

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