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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Various Artist - Black Fist (1977)

1. Humphrey's Overture (02:23)
Paul Humphrey
2. Same Thing Happens (07:17)
Jesse James
3. Here I Go Again (03:20)
Velvet Fire
4. She Said Hell No! (03:49)
Art & Ron
5. I'm Your Man's Helping Hand (02:37)
Sam & Jus'Us
6. L.A. Gray (03:30)
Geraldine Kaye
7. Can't Stop Talkin' (03:01)
Art & Ron
8. I'm Your Man (02:55)
Art & Ron
9. Leroy (03:37)
Sam Shabrin
10. Let's Do It Again (03:14)
Denise Gordy
11. Pearlie Gates (01:39)
A special issue soundtrack album taken from an obscure blaxploitation martial arts film. The music is a mix of appalling vocal disco tracks and great late 70s funk instrumentals, this whole album has a raw feel that is very appealing. Features Paul Humphrey, Jesse James, Velvet Fire, Art and Ron, Sam and Jus' Us, Geraldine Kaye, Sam Shabrin, Denise Gordy and Bishop Mounger.