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Friday, August 14, 2009

Black Emanuelle (1975)


  • Laura Gemser
  • Karin Schubert
  • Angelo Infanti
  • Isabelle Marchall
The main reason to check this one out is to watch Laura Gemser in all her glory. That's reason enough for me. She heads to Africa as guests of another rich guy that seems to be all over these films. Huge mansion near the jungle. Hunters staying around for parties when they aren't out hunting zebras. And said parties becoming drunken orgies. All the high society types in the Emanuelle films seem to have out of control fetishes. And Emanuelle beds most of them.

Link to soundtrack review
Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle Nera [Black Emanuelle] (1976)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Story Of A 3-Day Pass aka La Permission (1968)

  • Harry Baird
  • Pierre Doris
  • Christian Marin
  • Nicole Berger
  • Karell Jonathan Beer
  • Jon Carlson

The Story of a Three-Day Pass is a 1968 film written and directed by Melvin Van Peebles based on his novel La Permission. It tells the story of Turner (Harry Baird), a Black army man who meets a White Parisian named Miriam (Nicole Berger). The pair spends a weekend together, enjoying their romance but also struggling with the complexities of racism. Eventually their miscegenation is reported to Turner's Captain (Hal Brav) and he's restricted to barracks where he realizes the futility of such amorous adventures- from Wikipedia

Note: As you see listed on the immediate right hand side of this post, the original soundtrack for "La Permission" along with a great deal of Melvin Van Peebles recordings are very hard to come by.

Mr. Wone

The Muthers (1976)


This black-oriented women's prison film from Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago (T.N.T. Jackson) stars Playboy Playmates Rosanne Katon and Jeanne Bell as the leader of a pirate gang who goes undercover at a prison farm to save Bell's sister. As the wicked Serena, Jayne Kennedy cracks a whip and acts nasty until finally leading the obligatory insurrection. The prisoners pick coffee beans and the pirate women know kung-fu, making this one of the quirkier entries in the subgenre. Former Bond-girl Trina Parks (Diamonds Are Forever) and Santiago regular Ken Metcalfe co-star.

Ebony, Ivory & Jade [a.k.a. She Devils in Chains] (1976)

An American track team has just arrived in The Philippines for an international competition. Among the competitors are Ginger and Pam, nicknamed "Ivory" and "Ebony", who meet up with another friend, Jackie, nicknamed "Jade". After they arrive at their hotel, a gang of thugs kidnaps them, along with some other girls from the team. To getaway, the trio is going to have to use all their fighting skills.