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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mike Curb and Lawrence Brown - Mary Jane (1968)

1. Theme From Mary Jane
2. Ellie's Theme
3. The Fun Zone
4. Grass Party
5. Pursuit
6. Jerry's Theme
7. Bay City Boys
8. Gas Hassle
9. Theme For Mary Jane
10. Store Stealing
Usually when we see Mike Curb's name on a soundtrack, we run a mile. In this case we'd be way wrong, as it's a great groovy 60s soundtrack with plenty of variety, from massive drum breaks (Bay City Boys) to downtempo funky blues (Store Stealing) and plenty more besides. Pretty hard to find these days, and well worth a listen.

Bernard Purdie - Lialeh (1974)

1. Lialeh
2. Touch Me Again
3. Conscious
4. Easy
5. All Pink In The Inside
6. Pass Me Not
7. Hap'nin'

Seventies porn soundtracks are rarely the reservoirs of deep-cut funk that stand-up comics make them out to be (“So the girl takes off her top, and it’s like wacka-chicka-wacka-chicka— wah-WAHH!”), so it’s a real pleasure to discover that this CD is a genuine stone groove. It helps that drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, who provided the boom-bap for everyone from James Brown and Aretha Franklin to Steely Dan, composed its seven cuts, and hired the cream of jazz and soul session players to work out their languorous rhythms, including horn players Seldon Powell, Garnett Brown and Jimmy Owens, bassist Wilbur Bascomb Jr, and Ernest Hayes on organ (with Horace Ott overseeing all arrangements). The cuts have the loose, playful swing of late ‘60s funk, especially the title track and “All Pink On The Inside,” which lope along on Bascomb’s thumping bass and Purdie’s spare, tasteful beats. Lyrics sound like the scrambled-headed mutterings of popper-fueled guests at an uptown swing party (“Touch…me…again—where it FEEEELS GOOD!”), but vocalist Sandi Hewitt manages them like a trooper. Hardcore soul, funk and jazz collectors will either be horrified or ecstatic over this reissue; less uptight types might find its mellow grooves a fun and friendly soundtrack for their own personal skin shows.

Dave Grusin - Candy (1969)

1. Child Of The Universe (The Byrds)
2. Birth By Descent
3. Opening Night: By Surgery
4. Spec-rac-tac-para-comm
5. Border Town Blues: A Blunt Instrument
6. Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
7. Constant Journey
8. Every Mother's Daughter
9. It's Always Because Of This: A Deformity
10. Marlon And His Sacred Bird
11. Ascension To Virginity
12. Rock Me (Steppenwolf)
Not that rare, but generally pretty expensive, this LP is collectable for a number of reasons. The album includes songs by The Byrds and Steppenwolf (plus instrumentals by Dave Grusin), a number of fat breakbeats, and the movie's stars included Ringo Starr, Marlon Brando and Richard Burton. So what about the soundtrack? Well, as you might expect, it's heavy on the guitar. Big, packed with 1960s beats and psychedelic voices, there are plenty of tight groovy instrumentals to keep a mod party jumping. Top track: 'Ascension To Virgninity'. Do we like? Yes we do!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Various Artist - Shogun Assassin (1980)

1. The Legend Of Lone Wolf
2. Daigoro's Theme
3. Assassin With Son
4. The Ninja
5. Voyagers
6. Crimson Sky
7. Eyes Of A Demon
8. Dune
9. Lone Wolf's Theme

Classic.......yall remember GZA - Liquid Swords Album?!!

Diatribe has the following to say about the actual movie:
This movie is a heavily reedited version of the amazing, six-part Lone Wolf and Cub series, which was directed by Kenji Misumi. The American director, Robert Houston, edited scenes from the first three films in the series to somehow create a new, although quite sloppy, version of the story. I will give him some credit for adding more sound effects, which were severely lacking in the original picture; and for recruiting W. Michael Lewis and Mark Lindsey to create this excellent soundtrack. This new music, along with the eerie narration from the boy, make this film better suited for the ADD American public. The original, although vastly superior, would be considered rather boring. If you're interested in the movie and appreciate quality film making, I highly recommend watching the original Kenji Misumi masterpiece as it was intended to be seen. Shogun Assassin is a lobotomized version of Lone Wolf And Cub.

Neal Hefti - The Odd Couple (1968)

1. The Odd Couple (voc)
2. Domestic quarrel (dialogue)
3. Metropole
4.Dirty poker (dialogue)
5. Tomatoes
6. Down with the lights
7. The Odd Couple (main title)
8. Clean poker (dialogue)
9. Man chases man (dialogue)
10. Curse of the cat
11. Oscar blows up (dialogue)
12. End title
The original motion picture score to the original funny double-act's best-loved movie? We like this record. Don't expect a wall-to-wall jazz or groovy score: it's not. It includes some very funny (and very sampler-friendly) dialogue from the movie, along with several reprises of the great loungey, mellow main theme. There's also one outstanding little groovy number, Metropole. As you'd expect from Hefti, the music is very jazzy, and uses a great harpsichord-style riff throughout, augmented by low tenor sax and some good organ in places. Very much a warm, enjoyable album with a sentimental twist. One for listening rather than playing out.

Henry Mancini - The Theif Who Came To Dinner (1973)

1. Theme From The Thief Who Came To Dinner
2. Love Theme For Laura | Tail Gate
3. Jackie's Theme
4. Dog Eat Dog
5. Soft Scene
6. Love Theme For Laura (Reprise)
7. First Job
8. The Patter
9. The Really Big Heist
10. Getaway
11. Theme From The Thief Who Came To Dinner
Ryan O'Neal starred in this early 70's heist movie scored by Henry Mancini. The album has a raw edge not present in his later 70's work. It features a good, edgy main theme and some reasonably groovy instrumentals.

Charley Cuva - Pound (1970)


1. Lame Motherfucker
2. Godboy
3. Theme From Pound
4. Guided

 Maverick director Robert 'Putney Swope' Downey Sr. (father of Robert Downey Jr.) directed this crazy movie about a dog pound featuring talking dogs in 1970. An R-rated cult classic, some of the voiceovers were provided by respected actors, but unlike Putney Swope this movie is (undeservedly) almost forgotten. This private pressing white label soundtrack (with hand-stamped cover!) is extremely rare, and incredibly funky. 'For God's sake do not broadcast!', the cover states, and you can hear why - the lyrics are very funny and completely obscene. Half instrumental and half vocal, it's a small group raw funk monster, filled with huge beats, choppy guitar and big horns. Remortgage the house, sell the car, cash in your stocks and buy it - superb stuff.

has put in his 10cents uncovering this records mystery. He reveals that this is a 10" record.

Anonymous has finally provided the final clues to unravel it's mystery. Now we all know what we hear. Thanx!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Association - Goodbye Columbus (1969)

1. Goodbye, Columbus [Vocal Version]
2. How Will I Know You?
3. Dartmouth? Dartmouth!
4. Goodbye, Columbus [Instrumental]
5. Ron's Reverie: Across the Field/Carmen Ohio
6. It's Gotta Be Real
7. Moment to Share
8. Love Has a Way
9. Time for Love
10. So Kind to Me (Brenda's Theme)

Blaxploitation.comRemember all those late 60s teen shows on the TV, in which the background music always has a snappy 60s pop feel, featured flute and wordless male vocals singing 'bab ba bab bab ba'? That's almost exactly what this collectable LP sounds like. Some good groovy numbers by The Association, some smooth instrumentals by Charles Fox and a couple of outstanding groovy mod dancefloor numbers like 'Dartmouth? Dartmouth!' and 'How will I know you?'. A consistent aand beat-filled 60s album.

Lalo Schifrin - The Liquidator (1965)

1. The Liquidator (vocal by Shirley Bassey)
2. Boysie's Bossa (instrumental sax version)
3. The Killer
4. Bikini Waltz
5. The Bird
6. Casino Rhapsody
7. Carry On
8. Iris
9. Riviera Chase
10. Boysie's Bossa
11. Tilt
12. The Liquidator (vocal by Shirley Bassey)
Shirley Bassey joined Lalo Schifrin to perform a main theme from a James Bond spoof movie. Most of this album is Latin or jazz in style, consistently good in musicianship. Check out the dark percussion-driven flute track "The Killer" and the pop-jazz "The Bird".

Jose Feliciano - Aaron Loves Angela (1975)

1. Angela
2. I've got a feeling
3. Sweet street
4. Nirvana (part 1, part 2)
5. Why
6. Michaelangelo
7. Salsa negra
8. As long as I have you
Hit guitar crooner Feliciano in blaxploitation soundtrack shock? Yes - Jose Feliciano actually did write the music to Aaron Loves Angela, on his album called simply 'Angela'. He also had a cameo in the movie. The music is surprisingly funky - there are some solid beats on here, and a couple of the tracks genuinely get in-the-pocket in a short of blaxploitation-lite feel. Note that the brass section includes Tom Scott, and Willie Bobo also guests. Well worth a relatively cheap dig - you might be surprised.

Movie Review
Aaron Loves Angela (1975)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle Nera Orient Reportage [Emanuelle in Bangkok] (1976)

1. Sweet Living Thing
2. Sweet Bossa
3. Arabian Evasion Theme
4. Thailand Sweet Sound
5. Bellies Orient Dance
6. Sweet's Variation
7. Emanuelle Nera O.R.
8. Orient Riders
9. Red Hot Wax
10. Ping Pong Dance
11. Sweet Feeling
12. Thailand Market Theme
One of several Italian Emmanuelle rip-offs (note the deliberate mispelling of the name) starring Laura Gemser that saw a soundtrack album release. This album has a very exotic feel - lush Italian arrangements and oriental influences. Some very groovy moments - more lounge than funk. Plenty of flute, strings and bossa nova. Listen before you buy - check out the great breathy flute dancer 'Red Hot Wax'. Some tracks have recently been reissued on the Black Emanuelle's Groove compilation.

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle Nera [Black Emanuelle] (1976)

1. Emanuelle's theme
2. Skin in the wind
3. Black rhythm
4. Emanuelle's dreams
5. Sudden ride
6. Wild cry
7. Black emanuelle (voc: Bull Dog)
8. Samba safari
9. Hawaiian sand
10. Wild strength
11. Thoughtless
12. Unavoidable
13. Skin to skin
14. Emanuelle's theme

Blaxploitation.comWe're not entirely sure how the Black Emanuelle soundtrack (issued as Emanuelle Nera with a more explicit cover in Spain and Italy) was licensed for release through the USA disco label West End! Perhaps it's because there are quite a few chunky disco-funk tunes on here, so it's worth a spin. A kitsch mix of tongue-in-cheek male chant and percussion jams with cheesy sambas and tight choppy guitar funk cuts, it's certainly one of the better Italian Emanuelle scores and will work hard on any leftfield dancefloor.

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle In America (1977)

1. emanuelle in america sweet (03:21)
2. venice reportage (03:38 )
3. rhuharb (02:48 )
4. revulsion tango (02:23)
5. your solstice (02:08 )
6. so it please you (01:31)
7. emanuelle in america instrumental (03:41)
8. emanuelle in america theme (03:01)
9. rhuharb (02:48 )
10. venica dawn (02:01)
11. emanuelle in america dream (02:50)
12. trouble (02:55)
13. spellbound (02:44)
14. emanuelle in america armonium (03:48 )
Album cover girl and Italian Emanuelle star Laura Gemser is imploring you to buy this LP! Succumb to her charms, because it's a strong late 70s funky album. Plenty of orchestral funky numbers, wah guitar, drums and wacky instrumentation in a typical crazy Italian style. Possibly the best of the Italian Emanuelle soundtracks with plenty to fill the lounge dancefloor. Some tracks appear on the recent Black Emanuelle's Groove bootleg.

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle Perché Violenza Alle Donna? [Emanuelle Around the World] (1974)

1. A picture of love
2. My boundless
3. Eternal anguish
4. Kamasutra in love
5. A picture of love (instr)
6. A picture of love
7. Besides
8. Come back! rhythm
9. A seeming man
10. Your opression
From the infamous Italian Emmanuelle movie rip-off (note the deliberate change of spelling to avoid lawsuits), this album isn't the best of the bunch. Mostly very cheesy and 70s easy/lounge in style, the outstanding tracks is Come Back! Rhythm. Has its moments and worth picking up if you can source a cheap copy.