The mission of The Department of Afro-American Research Arts and Culture to identify the global significance of the creative contributions pioneered by an international diaspora of Blackness
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Board of Directors

Dr. James Spinks

Dr. Spinks is the president of the Department of Afro-American Research Arts and Culture (DAARAC). He is an educator of Mathematics (B.S. and M.S.) and a consultant in meteorology (Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science). Dr. Spinks is a collector of African-American films and began DAARAC as a non-profit organization in 2019.  The organization's goal is to bring awareness to the contributions of African Americans in film, media, and art.

A.J. Wone 

AJ Wone is a consummate performing artist. He aims to develop and produce cultural experiences through extrasensory storytelling that engages the audience with an emotional perspective. Theater, film, and mixed media are primarily focused in Wone's creative canon, while nostalgic art infused with digital technology became a broader interest in delivering his messages.