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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Boogie-Woogie Dream (1944)

"Boogie-Woogie Dream" (1944) is a short musical featuring Lena Horne, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Teddy Wilson, and his Orchestra. Official Films is responsible for the production and distribution of the movie. The film showcases musical talent when Lena sings "Unlucky Woman" and Albert and Pete perform "Boogie Woogie Dreams." Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra provide additional musical numbers while playing for Lena.

Official Films released the movie in 1944, but filming started in 1941, two years before Lena Horne starred in "Stormy Weather" and Cabin in the Sky." So by 1941, Lena hadn't made it into the Hollywood limelight even after appearing in her first leading role in the 1938 film by Ralph Cooper, "The Duke is Tops." In addition, Pete Thomas and Albert Ammons were professional pianists famous for their jazz and boogie-woogie compositions. Teddy Wilson was also a prominent pianist who worked with Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, and Billie Holiday. Wilson formed his short-lived big band in 1939, then led a sextet at CafĂ© Society from 1940 to 1944. 

While the film was short, it received many advertisements in 1944 and 1945. However, Lena's sudden stardom increased attraction in this movie. 

Director: Hans Burger
Writer: Karl Farkas

Starring Lena Horne, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Teddy Wilson, Virginia Pine, Russell Morrison

After hours at a nightclub, the hired help has a jam session, which a couple of overdue customers wanted to hear.

This movie presents the first digital transfer provided by the Department of Afro-American Research, Arts, and Culture. The film was scanned from a 16 mm reel to hi-definition.