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Monday, August 6, 2018

Ivondwe (1986)


A mysterious wild man known as Ivondwe has been held captive for years with the purpose of preventing his exposure to others. This, however, has only made him even angrier, and more of a danger to any who might meet him. The evil mastermind behind his imprisonment, as well as all the other vile deeds in the community, is a lawyer by the name of Benzi, known for harassing his staff and treating the locals poorly. When one of Benzi’s employees, Zanele, is badly harassed after she turns down his advances, she runs off, seeking the aid of the local Priest.

This only brings trouble to the Priest, and he soon finds himself imprisoned with Ivondwe. As luck would have it, Rangers were out tracking Ivondwe, and in the process managed to rescue the Priest.

The Priest, however, having learnt that Ivondwe was not actually as monstrous as everyone was lead to believe, tries to protect him, but the wild man unfortunately falls into the river while trying to escape the Rangers and is tragically eaten by alligators. The vile lawyer is never brought to justice.