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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Soul of Nigger Charley (1973)

  • Fred Williamson
  • D'Urville Martin
  • Denise Nicholas
This sequel to "Legend of N. Charley" is a step in the right direction for whoever decided to make a franchise out of character with such a tasteless name. Charley finds his legend has spread and he is now a well-known folk hero that children worship and fawn over. Film is tonally imbalanced in a 1970's way that seems to straddle grim nihilism and do-gooder adventure simultaneously. Film seems firmly set in "PG" territory until a downer montage showing lots of characters' bloody deaths pops up in the third act. Fred Williamson tries to express emotions such as laughter and sadness as opposed to just 'looking bad and looking cool' and the results are debatable at best.

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Don Costa - The Soul of Nigger Charley (1973)

The Legend of Nigger Charley (1972)


Three escaped slaves (Fred Williamson, D'Urville Martin, Don Pedro Colley) fall in with drifters while fleeing a bounty hunter.