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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Man & Boy (1971)


The Civil War is over and the West offers unlimited opportunities for the adventurous. Yet the celebration is short-lived for Caleb Rivers (Bill Cosby), a black veteran trying to plant roots under the scorching sun of the Arizona frontier. 

A kindly neighbor gives Revers a horse to help plow the land and support his wife, Ivy (Gloria Foster). But town bigots resent a black man owning a horse and the stallion is stolen, so Revers and his son embark on a dangerous mission to get it back. 

A murderous horse thief, an archival from Revers' past, and a crazed sheriff are among many hostile obstacles which force young Billy to grow up fast - and which provide Bill Cosby a rare opportunity to display his powerful, dramatic talent in his motion picture film debut.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Black Gunn (1972)


When a group of revolutionaries rob a Mafia-run gambling operation, nightclub owner Gunn tries to protect his politically radical brother Scotty from the mobsters and the police who come looking for him. But after Scotty is violently murdered, Gunn hits the streets looking for revenge. Chasing down the killer in his white Rolls Royce, Gunn hooks up with his brother's revolutionary friends and the cops for an explosive showdown with the mob boss and his gang.