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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

China Gate (1957)


During the Indochina War, a group of diverse demolition mercenaries hired by the French must sabotage an arsenal of bombs that are hidden in the mountains by their communist rivals. Occupied by an onslaught of Chinese rebel advances, a French commander persuades Eurasian seductress and Cognac smuggler, Lucky Legs (Angie Dickinson), to lead the group of mercenaries to the northern border in exchange for her and her son's exemption to America. However, Lucky learns that her racist and estranged husband, Sergent Brock (Gene Barry), will be accompanying the group on their quest. Captin Caumont (Paul Dubov) is in charge of the mercenaries, and Goldie (Nat'King' Cole) will aid Sergent Brock to ensure the mission is a success. Yet, Lucky and Sergent Brock can't escape their past and differences, which leads to many complications along the way.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Band of Angels (1957)


Living in Kentucky before the Civil War, Amantha Starr (Yvonne De Carlo) is a privileged young woman living with her widower father. Her father is a wealthy plantation owner who is known to be kind to his slaves. He sends Amantha away to school, where she is to receive the best education available. While at school, Amantha's father dies unexpectedly, and she returns home for his funeral. At his funeral, she learns that her father was in debt and that her biological mother was black due to her father's infidelities. Due to state laws, Amantha is considered a slave and property and is to be sold off to repay her father's debt. Wealthy Lousiana plantation owner, Hamish Bond (Clark Gable) purchases Amantha at a nearby auction. Over time, the pair begins to love each other, but the truth about Hamish's past, which includes the upbringing of a slave named Rau-Ru (Sidney Poitier), threatens Hamish's way of life and the relationship he has with Amantha.

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