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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Runaway (1989, TV Movie)

"Just worry about yourself." Aremis' embittered aunt tells him when he volunteers to help out handicapped kids. But Aremis is about to learn firsthand the importance of people helping each other. "They think I did it," he whispers after a gang attack leads to the death of his handicapped friend. With the police in pursuit, he slips down into the New York's subway system to hide. He quickly learns that the harsh world of the homeless is a dangerous and lonely place for a young boy and that he can't survive without the kindness of others.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Sprung (1997)

Clyde (Joe Torry) and his photographer pal Montel (Rusty Cundieff) meet gold digger Adina (Paula Jai Parker) and her friend Brandy (Tisha Campbell), a law student, at a party. While Clyde convinces Adina that he's wealthy, Montel and Brandy pair off and get along well. Adina is furious when she learns Clyde has misled her, but when they learn their friends plan to marry -- which would force the two enemies to spend time together -- they put their differences aside to thwart the marriage.