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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dynamite Brothers (1974)

Los Angeles is turned into a war zone when a Chinese smuggler tries to take control of the city's illegal gambling and flood the streets with deadly drugs. Two fearless fighters- one a Hong Kong martial arts expert and the other from the mean streets of Watts- band together using their fighting skills to stop him. The Dynamite Brothers have come to town, and once they're through, the city will never be the same.

Michael Masser - The Greatest (1977) [Featuring George Benson and Mandrill]

1. The Greatest Love Of All - George Benson
2. I Always Knew I Had It In Me
3. Ali's Theme - Michael Masser
4. Ali Bombaye I - Mandrill & Michael Masser
5. Ali Bombaye II - Mandril & Michael Masser
6. The Greatest Love Of All - George Benson (Alt.)
7. Variations On Theme - Michael Masser
8. I Always Knew I Had It In Me - George Benson (Alt.)

"The Greatest Love of All" and "I Always Knew I Had It In Me" are powerful examples of inspirational songs at their best. These songs match perfectly with the life of Muhammed Ali, the subject of the movie that this soundrack was created for. These songs are timeless. You could store them in your "classics" collection.