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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961)


Rachel Cade (Angie Dickinson) is an American missionary nurse that has traveled to Belgian Congo to spread the word of her religious beliefs and assist the locals that require medical attention. Upon her arrival, she meets Henry Derode (Peter Finch), a Belgium colonel stationed in Congo during the World War II conflict in Europe. Colonel Derode takes Rachel to a local tribe where she meets with another missionary doctor that dies no sooner than she arrived. The doctor was unable to convince the tribe to become patients because they were still devoted to their witchdoctor, Muwango (Woody Strode), and their high priest Kalanumu (Juano Hernandez). With news that the witchdoctor's son has fallen ill, Rachel seeks permission from chief Buderga (Frederick O'Neal) to treat the child, but he denies her. Rebellious against the chief and high priest, Rachel and local tribesman, Kulu (Errol John), manages the child and heals him from his illness.

Convinced that Rachels medicine works, many locals become patients of Rachels', but she is quickly overwhelmed with conditions that require surgical procedures. By fate, a plane crashes nearby, and the only survivor is Paul Wilton (Roger Moore), who happens to be a doctor himself. Soon after, a romantic relationship develops between Rachel and Paul, but Rachel becomes the victim of her sins and hypocrisy, which she must now figure out her righteous path set forth to her.