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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Love Songs (1999, TV Movie)

"Love Songs" (1999) is a made-for-television drama aired on Showtime. It stars Andre Braugher, Robert Townsend, and Louis Gossett Jr., who each directed a film segment. Charles Fullers wrote three segments called "A Love Song for Champ" (directed by Gossett Jr.), "A Love Song for Jean and Ellis" (directed by Townsend), and "A Love Song for Dad" (directed by Braugher).

Directors: Andre Braugher, Robert Townsend, Louis Gossett Jr.
Writer: Charles Fullers

Starring Robert Townsend, Rachael Crawford, Carl Gordon, Djanet Sears, Don Dickinson, Michael Anthony Rawlins, Andre Braugher, Lynn Whitfield, Brent Jennings, Louis Gossett Jr., Sandra Caldwell, Dulé Hill, Kim Brockington, Phillip Jarrett, Johnie Chase, Ed Wheeler, Alison Sealy-Smith

Louis Gossett, Jr, Robert Townsend, and Andre Braugher come together to each direct a short story, all interconnected through themes of love and family. Set in the same predominantly black neighborhood in North Philadelphia, these three compelling tales tell the stories of an up-and-coming heavyweight boxer, a vegetable vendor, and a man who must protect a family member from the abuse of another.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Lift (2001)

"Lift" (2001) is an independent drama written and directed by DeMane Davis and Khari Streeter. The film stars Kerry Washington, Lonette McKee, Eugene Byrd, and Barbara Montgomery. The film appeared at the Sundance Film Festival 2001 but never earned a theatrical release. Instead, Showtime aired the movie until they released it on DVD. 

The late 90s and early 2000s saw an explosion of black films, but many didn't receive theatrical treatment. However, several were well-put-together movies that deserve a second run. "Lift" is a decent movie and an excellent role for Washington before her superstardom. Also, the film is a nostalgic reminder of what the early 2000s looked like.

Directors: DeMane Davis, Khari Streeter
Writers: DeMane Davis, Khari Streeter

Starring Kerry Washington, Lonette McKee, Eugene Byrd, Barbara Montgomery, Samantha Brown, Sticky Fingaz, Todd Williams, Jacqui Parker, Naheem Allah, Susan Alger, Annette Miller, Pooch Hall, Braun Philip, Daniel Laurent, John Fiore, Crystal Tyson, 

Niecy (Kerry Washington) works at an expensive Boston department store, using her knowledge of fashion and security to steal clothing from other stores. In her inner-city neighborhood, she resells her wares to friends and family while struggling to connect with her mother, Elaine (Lonette McKee), and worrying about her relationship with her drug dealer boyfriend, Angelo (Eugene Byrd). To steal a necklace for her mother, Niecy agrees to help gangster Christian (Todd Williams) with a large heist.