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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

One False Move (1992)

"One False Move" (1992) is an excellent and underrated crime thriller directed by Carl Franklin. I highly recommend it.

Director: Carl Franklin
Writers: Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Epperson

Starring Bill Paxton, Cynda Williams, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Beach, Jim Metzler, Earl Billings, Natalie Canerday, Robert Ginnaven, Robert Anthony Bell, Kevin Hunter, Phyllis Kirklin, Meredith 'Jeta' Donovan, Jimmy Bridges, Phyllis Sutton, Derrick Williams

After a deadly robbery, three criminals -- Fantasia (Cynda Williams), Ray Malcolm (Billy Bob Thornton), and Pluto (Michael Beach) -- travel from Los Angeles to Houston to sell the drug they stole. However, they have been identified and are on the run from two detectives from the LAPD, who are already on the case after finding out one of the suspects is from Arkansas. They contact the town's sheriff, Dale Dixon (Bill Paxton), to alert him of the fugitives' presence there.