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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wildcat Women a.k.a. Black Lolita (Anaglyph 3D) (1975)


  • Yolanda Love
  • Ed Cheatwood
  • Susan Ayers
  • Joey Ginza
To paraphrase Rod Serling..."Picture if you will, a 70's film with funk music, Blaxploitation elements, soft-core porn, and martial arts." Sounds like it should be a winner, pity that it wasn't. Hammy martial arts fighting that looked like out-takes from a low budget Hong Kong turkey. Typical gangster posturing. The music wasn't bad. But it WAS monotonous eventually. And the sex scenes did seem real. They were filmed 'soft' though. This is NOT a hard X. A simple case of too many cooks (in this case, plot elements) spoiling the broth. Watchable, yes. But mostly due to its rarity.

Big Pimp Jones - Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus (2009)
The funky soundtrack to the 'cult' blaxploitation movie that has never been released -Who knew a movie that never even made it to theatres could create such a buzz? By buzz, we mean a bidding war resulting in the highest ending auction amount on ebay, ever (at the time). By buzz, we mean a 7,000 final auction price. By buzz, we mean a winning bidder who chose to remain anonymous (but who, if you believe the rumours is none other than Quentin Tarantino). By buzz, we mean an ever-moving theatrical release date that continues to get delayed due to the controversial nature of the content (which again, if you believe the rumours, includes a body count in the hundreds, a seven minute sexcene, and a final scene where the bad guy's skull gets punched clean out of his head). That's the kind of buzz we mean. Will we ever get to see this film? Of that we can't be sure, but what we can be sure of is that you hold in your hands the soundtrack to this flick, and that it is one bad mutha. Soundtracks like this are why we dig for records - they're what keep us going when hours, days, even months haven't borne fruit, they're the things that make the travels worth it. This is one of those records that make you do a sextuple-take because you can't believe what you just found: the soundtrack to a cult legend movie that hasn't been released for 35 years and counting. And what a soundtrack it is! Drums all over the place, bass so thick you can spread it on toast and other instrumentation that adds up to a serious dose of fownk. And not only are the tunes good, but the arrangement of it all as well - who knew people used clips of dialogue like this on soundtracks back in the day? Until the movie gets released, if it ever gets released, we can at least enjoy the music from the soundtrack and the bits of dialogue that give us sparse hints about the film. Because if the film is like the soundtrack, it is going to be one bad, bad experience.

Link to more info on the band Big Pimp Jones and this Spoof! OST
(Thanx to Sadomania over at Cinemageddon for pointing this out).

1. The Busiest Chicken Stand In Town (0:04)
2. Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants (1:44)
3. Fistfight In The Master Bath (3:18)
4. Good Morning (0:05)
5. Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder (3:46)
6. I Know Karate And I Know White People (0:07)
7. Deadly Ruckus Crane Strike (2:17)
8. Get Jimmy Ruckus Now (0:10)
9. U.F.Ho (2:15)
10. Car Chase 92 (2:48)
11. This Cat's About To Make The Cover (0:09)
12. Slip N Slide (4:28)
13. The Pimp Stroll (2:32)
14. Jimmy Ruckus Must Be In Town (0:04)
15. Takin' Off (2:53)
16. Funky Santa (2:39)
17. Even My Socks... (0:04)
18. Matt The Mack's Theme (3:00)
19. I'll Hit You So Hard (0:07)
20. South And 41st (2:52)
21. You're Directing Me (0:08)
22. Cocoa Butter (3:00)
23. How Many Plate Glass Windows... (0:09)
24. The Alleyway (1:41)
25. Sunday Afternoon (1:37)
26. His Skull Flew Out The Dude's Head! (0:04)
27. Three Color Collar (2:41)

Thanks to: Isbum

Roberta Flack - Bustin' Loose (1981)
Certainly one of the lesser sorts of soul soundtracks that you'll find, and an easily overlooked Roberta Flack record consisting of tracks for this low-budget comedy with Cicely Tyson and Richard Pryor. The music's mostly in an electric modern soul vein -- even the instrumental bits -- and arrangements are by Barry Miles, Marcus Miller, Buddy Williams, and Roberta herself -- who also produced the album. Titles include "Love (Always Commands)", "Lovin You (Is Such An Easy Thing To Do)", "Rollin On", "Qual E Malindrinho", and "Hittin Me Where It Hurts".

01 Lovin' You (Is Such An Easy Thang To Do)
02 Rollin' On
03 You Stopped Loving Me
04 Just When I Needed You
05 Qual E Malindrinho (Why Are You So Bad)
06 Love (Always Commands)
07 Children's Song
08 Ballad For D
09 Hittin' Me Where It Hurts

Thanks to: Isbum and Rocket From Mars

Gordon Parks - The Learning Tree (1970)
One for completists only, this score from Gordon Parks is a pretty tired affair, typically dated 1960s soundtrack music with only one beaty track, a pastiche jazz piece with nice drums spoiled by a bad vocal.

01 - Main Title
02 - The Storm To Calm
03 - Bluebird
04 - The Swimming Hole
05 - Concerto (Arcella's Theme)
06 - Birthday Present
07 - Chorale (The Learning Tree)
08 - Poor Tuck
09 - Questions & Answers
10 - My Baby's Gone (feat. Jimmy Rushing)
11 - The Fight
12 - Confrontation (feat. Kyle Johnson & Joel Fluellen)
13 - Hymn-End Title.

Thanks to: Isbum and Tony's I LOVE MY TURNTABLE blog

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rudy Ray Moore - The Human Tornado (1976)

1. Opening Credits
2. The Human Tornado (Full Version)
3. Dolemite's Dedication
4. Party At Dolemite's
5. Sheriff's Wife
6. Dolemite Escapes
7. Going To Cali
8. Car Thief
9. Meeting With The Mob
10. Female Hostages
11. Looking For Queen Bee
12. Live At The Sahara Club
13. Hurricane Annie
14. Dolemite Meets Annie
15. Captive Women
16. Miss Wonderful
17. Car Chase
18. Queen Bee's House
19. Informant
20. Dolemite and Mrs. Cavaletti
21. Here Comes The Tornado
22. Sneaking In
23. Fight Theme
24. Dolemite's Revenge
25. Dolemite's Revenge (Alternate Take)
26. Fight Drums
27. Moog Interlude
28. Funky Tornado (Part 1)
29. Female Hostages (Alternate Take)
30. Human Tornado (Part 2)
31. Informant (Alternate Take)
32. Kung Fu Hero
33. Looking For The Bee (Part 1)
34. Looking For The Bee (Part 2)
35. Sneaking In (Alternate Take)
36. Sound Effects (Part 1)
37. Sound Effects (Part 2)
38. The Human Tornado (45 Version)
39. Miss Wonderful (45 Version)
Available for the first time ever on any format! The Human Tornado Original Motion Picture soundtrack transfered from the original master tapes and packaged in a beautiful thick stock vintage 'paste-on' style sleeve with obi strip. Produced by T. Toney and Rudy Ray Moore himself.

Once again the name Rudy Ray Moore means action! In this sequel to the cult smash Dolemite, we find our hero on the run from a redneck sheriff who has caught Dolemite messin' with his woman. He and his posse (including a young Ernie Hudson) dodge the sheriff and his bullets in a high-speed chase that takes them to L.A. Upon Dolemite's arrival, he learns that Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and her Kung Fu Girls have been pushed out of the nightclub business by a ruthless competitor who has ties to the Mob. With two of the girls held hostage, the Queen and her bees are forced into slavery for their nemesis.

Enter Dolemite! Following a scene described by Rudy Ray himself as "sensational and sexsational," Dolemite gets the lowdown on the gang's hideout. It's highspeed kung fu Dolemite-style as the rat soup eatin' motherf***ers get their collective ass kicked. But the redeneck sheriff is still hot on Dolemite's trail - can even a Human Tornado fight two battles at once?

Known as the 'King of the Party Records', Rudy Ray Moore is famous for his special brand of 'blue' humor based largely on traditional ghetto folklore that has been passed down through several generations. His character Dolemite made the transition to motion pictures in the hugely successful film of the same name.

Thanks Isbum