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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wildcat Women a.k.a. Black Lolita (Anaglyph 3D) (1975)


  • Yolanda Love
  • Ed Cheatwood
  • Susan Ayers
  • Joey Ginza
To paraphrase Rod Serling..."Picture if you will, a 70's film with funk music, Blaxploitation elements, soft-core porn, and martial arts." Sounds like it should be a winner, pity that it wasn't. Hammy martial arts fighting that looked like out-takes from a low budget Hong Kong turkey. Typical gangster posturing. The music wasn't bad. But it WAS monotonous eventually. And the sex scenes did seem real. They were filmed 'soft' though. This is NOT a hard X. A simple case of too many cooks (in this case, plot elements) spoiling the broth. Watchable, yes. But mostly due to its rarity.


knightmelodic said...

Man this looks crazy without the glasses. Wonder if there's a "straight" version? Good work bro.

DefChef said...

I gotta run over to the multiplex and steal some 3D glasses so I can see this the way the filmmakers intended...and get all the benefits of 3D porn, obvs...

90' HIP HOP said...


Rev Diamond's Asylum said...

Actually this had hardcore sex inserts when it was released under its original name Black Lolita. When it failed to generate any financial income new footage was shot and the film re-edited as Wildcat Women removing the hardcore action completely. As for the 3-D aspect forget it. To save even more of the little cash they had they shot this flick with a polychromatic lens attachment that was supposed to give a right/left anaglyphic image (like 3-D comic books). Instead it gave a headache inducing multiple, non-3-D images - most of which didn't even match the color of the glasses given out. Its a shame too because this was the first 3-D blaxsplotation film.

Anonymous said...

I want the trailer... please??