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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gordon Parks - The Learning Tree (1970)
One for completists only, this score from Gordon Parks is a pretty tired affair, typically dated 1960s soundtrack music with only one beaty track, a pastiche jazz piece with nice drums spoiled by a bad vocal.

01 - Main Title
02 - The Storm To Calm
03 - Bluebird
04 - The Swimming Hole
05 - Concerto (Arcella's Theme)
06 - Birthday Present
07 - Chorale (The Learning Tree)
08 - Poor Tuck
09 - Questions & Answers
10 - My Baby's Gone (feat. Jimmy Rushing)
11 - The Fight
12 - Confrontation (feat. Kyle Johnson & Joel Fluellen)
13 - Hymn-End Title.

Thanks to: Isbum and Tony's I LOVE MY TURNTABLE blog


Dre'matic said...

any chance we'll see the movie posted? been searchin for this one for years. still got a vhs copy!

Anonymous said...


I use to have The Learning Tree on record. What happened to O.C. Smith singing the title theme? Does anybody know.

Anonymous said...

one of my all time favorite movies!

WestPhillyNative said...

Just purchased and received a copy of the GREAT movie on DVD from