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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roberta Flack - Bustin' Loose (1981)
Certainly one of the lesser sorts of soul soundtracks that you'll find, and an easily overlooked Roberta Flack record consisting of tracks for this low-budget comedy with Cicely Tyson and Richard Pryor. The music's mostly in an electric modern soul vein -- even the instrumental bits -- and arrangements are by Barry Miles, Marcus Miller, Buddy Williams, and Roberta herself -- who also produced the album. Titles include "Love (Always Commands)", "Lovin You (Is Such An Easy Thing To Do)", "Rollin On", "Qual E Malindrinho", and "Hittin Me Where It Hurts".

01 Lovin' You (Is Such An Easy Thang To Do)
02 Rollin' On
03 You Stopped Loving Me
04 Just When I Needed You
05 Qual E Malindrinho (Why Are You So Bad)
06 Love (Always Commands)
07 Children's Song
08 Ballad For D
09 Hittin' Me Where It Hurts

Thanks to: Isbum and Rocket From Mars


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've been looking for this all over the place

DJ MentalBeats said...

Thank you and God bless you. I have been looking for this soundtrack for the longest time. You are simply the greatest. Thank you, my friend. :-)

Anonymous said...

yo thank you so much! this needs to be heard

Phaota said...

Thanks for sharing the soundtrack. I've been looking everywhere for a blog, torrent, whatever to get "Qual E Malindrinho (Why Are You So Bad)". I had all of the others.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site. Great stuff you have there, but I hardly can find any download links.
Where for example can I find links to
Bustin' Loose (1981)?
I found a link for Sheba Baby 1975 Soundtrack (right under the pic), but hardly any other links. Someone please help me! Thanks!