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Blax-Fu (Blaxploitation Kung-Fu) is a cross between Black actors and the use of kung-fu in films. This genre is a sub-genre of Black Cinema and Blaxploitation. Several of these films features legit and legendary material artists like Ron Van Clief, Jim Kelly, Carl Scott, and Warhawk Tanzania. Other films simply used an actor that may not be trained in the martial artist but were featured in a film to solely be an ass-kicker, such as Jeanne Bell as T.N.T. Jackson or Rudy Ray Moore in Shaolin Dynamite.

Ron Van Clief

Jim Kelly

Carl Scott

Warhawk Tanzania (Warren Hawkins)

James Inglehart

Samuel Walls

Clint Robinson

 Malachi Lee

Judie Soriano 

Owen Watson

Speedy Leacock

Donnie Williams

The list of films presented here is preliminary and subject to change at any moment. 

Blax-Fu Films
If there are more than can be added then please let me know. I also got some funky tunes from the movies that I would like share as well. Enjoy!