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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kill Squad (1982)


  • Jean Glaudé
  • Jeff Risk
  • Jerry Johnson
  • Francisco Ramírez
  • Bill Cambra
Before the A-Team started working in the L.A. underground the Kill Squad was out paving the way. Actually these kung-fu goof balls make anything Mr. T did look like Shakespeare, but its worth the laughs! For no other reason you should rent this just to see the team get the "call to arms"...housewives wielding dinner trays, chumps falling four stories only to get up and start fighing again, and cowboy pimps whoopin' some honkey butt. It seems everyone knows some sort of martial arts in this dealers, prostitutes, construction workers. The added Bruce Lee screams, yelps and slaps only add to the glory of this cinematic event. Must see!