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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Glass House - Inside The Glass House (1971)

1. Look what we've done to love
2. You ain't livin' unless you're lovin'
3. I surrendered
4. Hey there lonely girl
5. If it ain't love (it don't matter)
6. Hotel
7. Touch me Jesus
8. Heaven is there to guide us
9. Crumbs off the table
What's this? A Northern Soul LP listed under blaxploitation LPs? Well, here's an interesting story. Originally, the movie Detroit 9000 was to have been titled Motown 9000 and had a tie-in soundtrack issued through Motown. Motown got their crack songwriting team of Lamont Dozier on the case, and two songs were shot for the movie, Sunday Morning People and Touch me Jesus. Motown then dropped out, but the songs remained in the film. Both songs were issued on Lamont Dozier labels, so a version of Touch Me Jesus appears on here. It's a much more righteous, soulful mix with additional strings, but is still powerful and a good floorfiller. Many of the other tracks on this LP are also very funky (and some are straight soul) so it's a good one. Arrangements are by HB Barnum and Tony Camillo too, so it's going to be first-rate.