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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

El Condor (1970)


  • Jim Brown
  • Lee Van Cleef
  • Patrick O'Neal
  • Marianna Hill
  • Iron Eyes Cody
  • Imogen Hassall
Luke, believing that a fortune in gold is hidden in the Mexican fortress of El Condor, escapes from a chain gang and joins forces with Jaroo, a con man. The two men enlist the aid of a tribe of renegade Apaches led by Santana, leading them to believe that the raid on the fortress is for food and ammunition. Chavez, the officer in charge of the fort, captures Luke and Jaroo during their first attempt, but they escape with the aid of Claudine, Chavez' wife, who has fallen in love with Luke. Later, Claudine creates a diversion by undressing in front of her bedroom window, and the raiders return and overpower the guards. Chavez manages to get away, and the raiders take control of El Condor. Santana soon discovers Jaroo's deception; and after Jaroo shoots him, the rest of the Apaches flee with the supplies and ammunition, leaving the two bandits and Claudine in the defenseless fortress. Chavez returns with his soldiers under a flag of truce and challenges Luke to a duel, which Luke wins. The gold turns out to be only painted lead bars, however, and in a showdown, Luke kills Jaroo and remains with Claudine.