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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sun Dragon [a.k.a. Hard Way To Die] (1979)


Shao-Tung (Billy Chong) is a Chinese martial artist who has arrived to the United States to look for his grandfather, who has settled down in Arizona. As he looks for his grandfather, he runs into an old friend, Ah Kun, who works at a local saloon and with the support of owner Kim, Shao-Tung finds a place to stay. Meanwhile, a trio of robbers, Jimmy, Jackson, and Ma Shaw-Yee, are trying to find a place to hideout. They come across an African-American family’s cabin and when they refuse to sell them the property, the trio kills all but teenager Tommy (Carl Scott, Soul Brothers of Kung Fu), who narrowly escapes but is seriously injured. Tommy is nursed back to health by Dr. Ko after being found by Shao-Tung and Kun. Dr. Ko learns what has happened and teaches Tommy martial arts.