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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The African Deal (1973)

  • George Hilton
  • Calvin Lockhart
  • Anita Strindberg
Crooked business deals and meaningful glances aplenty in this Italian production that was filmed to great effect in Ghana. This really is a jewel of a film that is crying out to be discovered, it is at first a very odd and sexy melodrama that plays at times like a soft giallo, a warped love story, and in one totally irrelevant sequence it resembles a strange mondo movie. Calvin Lockhart plays it much the same as he did in The Beast Must Die, George Hilton is excellent as is Enrico Maria Salerno. The women are great, Anita Strindberg is total ice cold beauty, whilst Yanti Somer never looked better. This is a film to hunt down and enjoy. Fantastic.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kung-Fu Funk!

Calling all crate diggers! BP is going to start a new project that will search out for some of the funkiest kung-fu sounds available. Help is always welcomed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vampira [a.k.a. Old Drac] (1975)

  • David Niven
  • Teresa Graves
  • Peter Bayliss
In Transylvania, Count Dracula has been reduced to opening his castle up to tourists. A group of Playboy Bunnies come to the castle to shoot a Most Biteable Playmate layout. When his manservant drains their blood, Dracula finds that it contains the rare Triple-O type. With the Triple-O, Dracula can revive his beloved wife Vampira who died after biting an anaemic peasant. But the Playmates blood has been mixed together and the only choice is to give all of the samples to Vampira. But these include samples from a Black model and when Vampira returns to life, she emerges with her skin turned black. And so she and Dracula go to London to find which Playmate has the Triple-O in order to bleach Vampira white again.

The Deadly Art of Survival (1979)

  • Arthur Abrams
  • Beth B.
  • Rosetta Campbell
Before transgressive poseurs overran the scene, this "No Wave" feature from writer-director Charlie Ahearn was one of NYC's earliest, most entertaining blasts of underground, do-it-yourself filmmaking. It's raw, unpretentious and also delivers loads of badass craziness on a food-stamp-level budget. Inspired by old school Deuce martial arts flicks, Ahearn grabbed a home movie camera, rounded up a bunch of black and Puerto Rican amateurs from the nearby projects and made his own threadbare kung fu feature! Once finished, he trucked the movie and his Super-8 projector to South Bronx and Lower East Side venues, occasionally preceded by a live karate or wrestling performance. A couple years later, Ahearn (a white dude) produced and directed the groundbreaking rap/graffiti feature WILD STYLE. more.

Lola Colt (1967)


Lola, a saloon dancer arrives in the town of Sant'Anna with some other dancers. The town is however terrorized by El Diablo an outlaw who wants to sell the surrounding land to the railroad company. Lola helps the colonists rebel together with Rod, a youth who has fallen in love with her.

Getting Over (1981)

  • John Daniels
  • Gwen Briscoe
  • Paulette Gibson
This tuneful drama features the rock group Love Machine as it tells the tale of a record promoter hired by a crooked producer to fulfill affirmative action quotas. It is the hard-working, independent-minded promoter who discovers and develops the Love Machine, an all female group. The trouble begins when the group's lead singer is kidnapped and the promoter learns that his employer's label is really a front for the mob.

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