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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vampira [a.k.a. Old Drac] (1975)

  • David Niven
  • Teresa Graves
  • Peter Bayliss
In Transylvania, Count Dracula has been reduced to opening his castle up to tourists. A group of Playboy Bunnies come to the castle to shoot a Most Biteable Playmate layout. When his manservant drains their blood, Dracula finds that it contains the rare Triple-O type. With the Triple-O, Dracula can revive his beloved wife Vampira who died after biting an anaemic peasant. But the Playmates blood has been mixed together and the only choice is to give all of the samples to Vampira. But these include samples from a Black model and when Vampira returns to life, she emerges with her skin turned black. And so she and Dracula go to London to find which Playmate has the Triple-O in order to bleach Vampira white again.


Anonymous said...

Hello blaxploitationpride .Great cinema and culture Afro .but the link 3 Vampire is dead .Please check it .Tkanks ked

Anonymous said...

Link 3 and 4 dead .Please Check it .Thanks

SelfScience said...

I checked links 3 and 4 and they seem to be working fine for me. You cannot d/l links 3 and 4 at all?

Anonymous said...

now the links 3 and 4 OK .a Mysterious deal downloading .thanks for the horror blaxploitation with teresa and niven .thanks Ked