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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Velvet Smooth (1976)

  • Johnnie Hill
  • Emerson Boozer
  • James Durrah
  • Moses Lyllia
  • Elsie Roman
  • Frank Ruiz
  • RenĂ© Van Clief
Velvet Smooth (1975) plunders Cleopatra Jones territory and stars Johnnie Hill, a stick-thin fashion disaster in her lemon suit and Tamara Dobson afro wig. Martial arts was the old stand-by to warm up any old leftovers, and true to grindhouse cinema tradition, Velvet Smooth contains the lamest kung-fu scenes you'll ever witness, where the punches land twelve inches from their target. Best of all is the title song: "Velvet Smooth, you are the one... Velvet Smooth, with love or with guns... You're Velvet Smooth, with piece in hand... If fate takes your youth, I won't understand..."


Groovy Scene said...

so bad it's good...

Daddy Squeeze Me! said...
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Queen said...

I like the Soundtrack
Where can l find lt ?
The movie may have been low budget but it takes me back to the good old days
I wish I can go back to those errors

Valdorama said...

Hey there. I know I'm really late but if there's any admin that can help (if you still check this), where are the links to these movies?