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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kung Fu Fever (1979)

  • Dragon Lee
  • Ron Van Clief
"Kung Fu Fever" is undeniably a wretched piece of filmmaking, and the movie would be nothing without martial arts star Dragon Lee, who really is a thrill to watch. Certainly one of the better Bruce Lee clones, only Dragon takes it a step further, and resembles in style a 70's Elvis as much as Bruce. The man is tacky.. Dragon and co-star Amy Chum make an attractive duo when they join forces to get possession of some instructional manual supposedly written by the late, great Bruce Lee. Amy Chum is an extremely sexy, leather-wearing, dirt bike riding wild girl, who cares about impressing her father, at any cost. Sure, the story is crap, and the dubbing is astoundingly bad. But the fight scenes featuring Dragon are actually very good. Dragon Lee had the moves, and that can't be denied, and this is the real reason why we watch this kind of film anyway. Considered by most people to be blatant exploitation, these Bruce Lee rip-off films can be seen as tributes, and as a record of just how much of an impact Bruce had on the world, and just how much he is missed.