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Monday, July 16, 2012

Speeding Up Time (1971)


The Black Panthers want him to join. His girlfriend begs him to take her away from the ghetto forever. But Marcus does his own thing - and he's dead set on finding the arsonist who torched a tenement and killed his mother. Plagued by recurring nightmares of the blaze, Marcus throws himself headlong into a search that leads him through the seediest back alleys of Watts. Before long, he winds up in an incredible, high-speed chase and gets a thorough thrashing from some real bad dudes. But Marcus beats the odds and has it out with Jumbo, the king-sized kingpin of the neighborhood, in a decisive man-to-man showdown.


Temple of Schlock said...

One of those movies we can't possibly recommend to anybody, but we love it.

Anonymous said...

uh, one of the worst...boring no action no drama no plot no acting...and the slowest lamest car chase of all time...very slow thru a parking lot for way too long...i could run faster. one kinda cool funky song is about the best thing its got going for it. torture to sit thru waiting for something to happen and it never does.