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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jerry Goldsmith - Take A Hard Ride (1975)

01 The Hunter
02 Main Title
03 Memories
04 The Search
05 The Snake
06 Uneasy Alliance
07 Friendly Enemies
08 Fancy Footwork
09 Hunter's Harmonica
10 A Sad Story
11 The Ambush
12 The Wagon
13 The Big Dive
14 The Aftermath
15 The Trek
16 The Mines
17 Work Camp
18 The Last Adversary
19 A Long Walk
Take A Hard Ride Soundtrack CD music Take a Hard Ride is a 1975 western set in America, produced by Italians, and starring a 'blaxploitation' cast-no kidding! The score is stirring and majestic and yet with quirkier touches, and represented Jerry Goldsmith's last western until the 1994 Bad Girls. Take A Hard Ride Soundtrack music CDs Its muscular, memorable main theme and Stravinsky-esque action cues are among the highlights.