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Monday, July 18, 2016

With Murder In Mind [a.k.a. With Savage Intent] (1992)


Life was going great for Gayle Wolfer (Elizabeth Montgomery); she not only owned a diner, but also a real estate business and had just become a grandmother. But then while showing a house to a new client Samuel Carver (Howard E. Rollins Jr., A Soldier's Story, TVs In The Heat of the Night) he pulls a gun on her and the home owners. Despite being shot 3 times, she survives but both physically and emotionally scarred as she hits the bottle and ends up arguing with the man in her life Bob (Robert Foxworth). Trying to make things right Bob takes Gayle to the county fair where she is horrified to not only spot the man who shot her, but that he is also a cop and struggles as the police are skeptical that he could be the killer. But they arrest the man and so the court case begins.