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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Kid With The 200 I.Q. (1983)


A thirteen-year-old certified genius is thrown into the hectic whirl of high powered university life. As THE KID WITH THE 200 I.Q., Nick Newell (Gary Coleman) has a lot to learn, but surprisingly it isn't from books. 

The first problem is learning to get along with classmates whoa re adults—not kids. Poor Nick has a gung-ho jock roommate who seems to be majoring in women and sports. If that weren't enough, he's got a crush on a pretty 20-year-old student named Julie, and his favorite teacher, Professor Mills (Robert Guillaume), considered him a nuisance.

Nick experiences all the frustration, emotion, and humor of a young man who must face the consequence of having to grow up too soon. But ultimately, the boy finds that friendship, understanding, and love—not just brainpower—are the essential ingredients in taking that giant step into adulthood.