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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Albino [a.k.a. The Night of the Askari] (1976)

  • Christopher Lee
  • James Faulkner
  • Horst Frank
This is based on a book by Daniel Carney with the much cooler title of "The Whispering Death." I haven't read it. Used copies of it are at least 50 bucks on-line. Too rich for my blood. The film (which can be found for rent on VHS at Movie Madness in Portland,Oregon) stars Christopher Lee and Trevor Howard and a bunch of actors I've never heard of. The storyline is a weird mash-up of influences.It starts out like a typical portrait of the tensions between the races in Rhodesia during the 1960's. Some social commentary. Then it switches gears and features "terrorists" (read: black Africans) going berserk and having some kind of whitey stomping rampage. Cue the blood and guts. Sybil Danning is forced to take some hose pipe and gets waxed (killed, not Brazilian). A lurid revenge thriller now looms, wanting to go full bore. And then during the extended chase sequence that takes up the latter third of the film it begins to do just that. It was during this time that a strange thought popped into my head, Isn't this Moby Dick in Africa? Think about it: We have the obsessed Police Officer (husband of dead Sybil) standing in for Captain Ahab chasing the Moby Dick character, a "White" black man. The futility of revenge is revealed.


Anonymous said...

The actor who has the part of the 'albino' is a german actor who spoke fluent english & french ; famous in germany in the theatre ,in movies ,on tv; you may have seen him in dozen of euro thrillers, spy movies; he was in 'cat o'nine tails' from dario argento, 'the grand duel' with lee van cleef or 'vengeance of fu manchu' with again chris lee; he died in 1999. James faulkner is a britsh actor who made a few films, a lot of tv and was recently in 'x-men, the beginning'.By the way, thanks again for all those marvellous movies!

SelfScience said...

Awesome info anonymous! And thank you for your support.

colombian_cannon said...

I remember this movie because it was in my video store where I worked in the early 80's. The video store was a chain of stores in New York called Video Shack, thene they their name to RKO then they closed down after that. The videobox cover made it look like a horror movie but it was more of an African revenge thriller. I saw it on Youtube, so If you want to check it out, it's there and in the web too. Great site, love the blaxploitation movies. Great site you got here. Brings back memories from my youth and I still see the blaxploitaion movies from a channel I get for free with my flat antenna that's hooked up to my tv, instead of cable.. The network is in Newark, New Jersey. The channel is calle US tv., so check it out if you live in New York.