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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Death Dimension (1978)

She is captured by the Pig's henchmen and Mada Kitty, who run his house of prostitution, but manages to escape and calls the police. Unknown to her, Captain Gallagher is in Pig's pocket. He gets the necessary information from and the microdot's removed. Kelly is suspicious of Gallagher and, with his friend Bruce Lee, decided to investigate the activities of both he and the Pig. He finds out that the sinister murder of April, his girlfriend, had been orchestrated by the Pig. What follows is a life and death struggle for vengeance with the two friends breaking havoc at the Pig's headquarters. 


Visuals said...

Man!!! Ya'll are KILLIN' me with these Jim Kelly joints! Here I am with hundreds of fu flicks in my collection and you guys keep throwin' gems from every direction! As someone whom has always considered himself a well seasoned collector of martial arts films, It saddens me and I even feel a slight bit ashamed that some of these flicks I have never knew existed....Martial Arts and Blaxploitation flicks alike. I gotta say thank you brothers for furthering my knowledge of the subject and most importantly, For being there and enlightening others. Much love

SelfScience said...

Don't be ashamed if you are still finding stuff. I'm really interested in your Kung Fu collection. DO you have some movies you could recommend to the blog? I purchase most of the Kung Fu movies as well, so it would be great to have some more in my own personal collection.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Visuals, i also have a fairly large collection of fu movies and never knew certain Blaxploitation movies existed. Thank you for furthering my fu knowledge