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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super Bad Super Black: Can Yall Dig It?

1. Cleopatra Jones
2. Coffy
3. Black Caesar
4. Human Tornado
5. Shaft
6. Mack
7. Trouble Man
8. Truck Turner
9. Slaughter
10. Black Mama, White Mama
11. Superfly TNT
12. J.D.'s Revenge
13. Amazing Grace
14. Blacula
15. Book of Numbers
16. Black Shampoo
17. Slaughter's Big Rip Off
18. Bucktown
19. Blackgunn
20. Claudean
21. Cornbread, Earl & Me
22. Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde
23. Five on the Black Hand Side
24. Friday Foster
25. Ghetto Freaks
26. Hell Up in Harlem
27. Lady Sings the Blues
28. Legend of Nigger Charlie
29. Mandingo
30. Monkey Hustle
31. Nigger Lover
32. Save the Children
33. Sheeba Baby
34. Soul II Soul
35. 3 Tough Guys
36. Together Brothers
37. Trick Baby
38. Black Belt Jones
39. Black Rodeo
40. Buck & The Preacher
41. Abby
42. Black Steet Fighter
43. Education of Sonny Carson
44. Spook Who Sat by the Door
45. Sugar Hill
46. Uptown Saturday Night
47. Watts Stacks
48. Willie Dynomite
49. Young Blood
50. Dark Town Strutters
51. Thing With Two Heads
52. Boss Nigger
53. Disco 9000
54. Scream Blacula Scream
Genius. A whopping collection of bad-ass blaxploitation radio spots (adverts) from the 70's - they're all here; Shaft, The Mack, Black Caesar, Slaughter's Big Rip Off, Sheeba Baby, Coffy and absolutely loads more. Also contains Bonus soundbites and DJ Tools! Perfect for blaxploitation movie lovers and an absolute godsend for DJs. Sometimes shit is just too cool...and believe us - this shit is chilly the most!