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Monday, September 15, 2008

Black Belt Jones (1974)

The Mafia's Don learns that the City is planning a new civic center, and is buying the land where it will be, to make easy money when the city council will buy it. The one piece the Don doesn't have yet, is the old African-American karate school owned by Papa Byrd. Big Tuna, the Mafia Don's right hand man, goes to Pinky, their representative in that area and they tell him that he owes them $250,000 but instead of paying, they want him to get Papa Byrd's school. Pinky tries to muscle the karate master into handing out the property title, but he throws him out. A teacher calls Black Belt Jones, a friend of Papa Byrd, to talk to him about this, but before he does Pinky and his thugs accidentally kills Papa Byrd in a second visit. Before dying in friends' arms, Byrd says that the school belongs to Sydney - whom nobody knows. Black Belt Jones knows that Sydney is Byrd's daughter, whom he hasn't seen since she was a child. Black Belt asks a friend of his who works for the Government, to ... 

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Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones (1974)


Anonymous said...

Blackbelt Jones - the greatest! Thanks for all your efforts!

Styles said...

Jim Kelly in the hizouse. Good look on this one family. Keep droppin' the gems.

Tom B Stones said...


Just discovered your blog - and I cannot get over it. Out of this world!

I've been aching to see this flick for years. Why on earth is there no DVD? Many, many thanks for posting.

For my money, JK sported one of THE great afros.

Far out!

Unknown said...

GREAT movie. the intro is especially killer. oh, and jim kelly is the man!