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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hot Potato (1976)

In Hot Potato, Jim Kelly plays Jones, the leader of a team of US agents, including the constantly bickering Chicago (Binney) and Rhino (Memmoli), on a mission to rescue Leslie Dunbar (Brown), the kidnapped daughter of a US Senator.  Leslie has been kidnapped by a warlord named Rangoon (Hiona) who has been playing both sides for profit in an emerging civil war in the East Asian country of Chang Lon. Rangoon wants to blackmail the Senator into killing a foreign aid bill that would avert the war.  Jones' team is aided by a serious and highly skilled local agent named Pam (Tsu), who is constantly irritated by the goofball tendencies of Chicago and Rhino.  The rescue mission is complicated by Rangoon's employment of June (also Brown), a lookalike double for Leslie. When impostor June is rescued by the team as Rangoon planned, he is enraged to learn that she has stolen some incriminating evidence that would reveal his double dealings to the warring factions. Jones and his crew are subsequently pursued through the jungle by Rangoon's massive forces of soldiers and martial artists.