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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Come Back Charleston Blue (1972)


Charleston Blue is dead. That’s what everyone thought when the notorious gangster was laid to rest decades ago. But now, a new strong of murders has hit Harlem. And what 27th Precinct detectives Gravediggers Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson want to know is why does a trademark blue-steel razor of Charleston Blue appear alongside each victim?

The Cotton Comes to Harlem cops are back, cracking jokes and heads with equal ease. Gravedigger (Godfrey Cambridge) and Coffin Ed (Raymond St. Jacques) will sometimes do the wrong things for the right reasons ­­— or maybe the right things for the wrong reasons. But their on-the-fly style can’t mask their determination to protect decent folks from pushers and thugs —and it seems that the Charleston Blue murders are tied to those two criminal elements. A midget hitman, a hood dressed as a nun and a lookout with a talent for throwing an exploding football into vehicles wandering into the wrong place are also part of this mystery where streets are mean — and Gravedigger and Coffin Ed know how to be a lot meaner.