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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Claudine (1974)


Claudine (Diahann Carroll) is a single mother in New York City who endures an exhausting commute to the suburbs where she works as a maid for wealthy families. In one carefully tended white community, she meets Roop (James Earl Jones), a charismatic but irresponsible garbage collector. Romance quickly ensues, but Claudine doubts that their relationship is good for her six children, and Rupert, despite his good nature, is reluctant to take on fatherhood.


Anonymous said...

Classic....One of my harlem Classics!

Anonymous said...

Great flick. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good Looking Out. I love this movie.

Anonymous said...

I caught this last year on TCM and really enjoyed it.

A few weeks later I was on a Jet Blue flight to NYC and saw Diahann Carroll (looking every inch the glam diva ofcourse).

I tapped her gently on shoulder while she was stretching her legs and walking up the aisle and told her that I was a big fan recently enjoyed watching 'Claudine'. 'It was great', I told her.

She said "thank you" and very gracious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this movie. I've been looking for this for long time.

Anonymous said...

a very big thank you for your patrimonial work, it's amazing remarkable and great

Anonymous said...

lovin' this one.
best blog ever, thanx!

Lordism said...

Would love to see this movie again, any d/l links?

Mr. Thomas the Dapper Yogi said...

I have read that this film is not considered a Blaxploitation film?

SelfScience said...

Do you have a resource to the literature that you read? If so I would like to read what the author wrote. This film is definitely blaxploitation.

DJ said...

What did Adam Wade play ? The name sounds familiar I believe he was one of the first black game show host back in the 70s