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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kung Fu Exectuioner [a.k.a. Black Jim Va Tout Casser] (1981)

Drug traffickers and smugglers on the scene in 1920s Shanghai. Among them, the Japanese Shima Gawa and Chan Yim Hung, the Queen of the players. Together, they plan to expand their business connections to force the underworld to its' knee. The smuggling of opium to fill the coffers of the syndicate. However, they need to enforce their plan to the employees of the old Li Tsu Nam who controls the ports around. Since the old man is not to impressed with wealth and the little advantages the offer provides, he refuses to agree to the plans. He signs his death sentence with that decision. On the bill of the syndicate, however, lacks an important factor: Li Kuen Kong, nephew of the old Tsu Nam. The karate master gets together with his friend, the giant Donny (Carl Scott, Sun Dragon, Soul Brothers of Kung Fu), on the way to avenge the death of his uncle....