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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Flaming Crisis (1924) [Lost Film]

The Pittsburgh Courier (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania) 
5 Apr 1924, Sat · Page 14

Robert Mason, an aggressive newspaperman, exposes the methods of Martin Leither, labor leader & political power. As a result, Mason's engagement with Vivian Leither is broken. At the reception at the home of Dr. Walter McWalter, Leither is murdered. Mason is accused and convicted. After several years in prison, he escapes and makes his way into the cattle lands of the southwest where he meets Tex Miller, a daughter of the prairie. He incurs the hatred of Buck Conley, who is also the mysterious 'Night Terror', leader of an outlaw gang and Mason is soon involved in a series of thrilling adventures. After overcoming his enemies, he realized that he is an escaped convict. Then something big and entirely unexpected happens, which brings happiness to the lovers. 

**This film is considered lost until notified otherwise.**