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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The End of

Don't be startled. The website is NOT going anywhere. We have decided to retire the blog name 'Blaxploitation Pride' because we have grown to be more than just blaxploitation films and music. We have ventured into eras before and beyond the genre. The term 'blaxploitation' is out-dated and in a sense, still racially charged. Looking at the demographics of the website, it's apparent that ages 30 and upove dominates the traffic. Ages 18 to 29 are a very low percentage of traffic to the site. While those that understands what blaxplotiation is, there are many younger folks that doesn't. Society changes over time. Evidence is within this website since we have archived over 100 years of Black Cinema to see such evolution.

I can positively say that we have help secure the legacy of the Blaxploitation Era here at Blax Pride. Over 300 films from the era is archived here. Some of you may or may not agree with the films that we have labeled as blaxploitation, but our purpose was to be informative. To let you know that certain films exist. Since the blog started in 2008, there has been over 200 releases of Blaxploitation films on DVD/Blu-Ray and many still have upcoming remastered releases. If that doesn't speak volumes on the security of the era, then I'm not sure what does. The Race film era suffered many loses and looking deeper into the history, it's very sad that many of these films will never be watched again.

It's time to move forward. We will officially be called the Department of Afro-American Research and Culture (DAARAC). During this transition phase over the next several weeks (or months), the domain name will be phased out and replaced. This will cause many links on this site and around the net to go dead that are linked to the URL. The website will temporarily go back to before the move to This transition is going to take time. It may be difficult to navigate the website because most links will give you a 404 redirect once the domain name it switched.

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the transition and thank you for your continuous support.