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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nobody's Children (1920) [Lost Film]

It tells of the death of the mother of two illegitimate children, a boy and a girl. A deathbed promise is made by the former that he will look after and protect his sister. The stepfather is a no-account type whose time is spent in the resorts of the underworld. It is during the search in a resort for him by a boy that a murder is committed and for which the lad is falsely accused, tried, convicted and sentenced to hang. The stepparent abducts the girl and takes her to one of the resorts where he is known. The actual slayer is a dope fiend. He discovers the girls' presence and decides to aid the brother to escape from jail so that he might rescue his sister. The consummation of this escape and the hand-to-hand fight which rakes place in the room in which the stepfather had placed the girl, and in which the boy kills the unnatural parent, furnishes one of the most gripping climaxes ever seen on the screen. -Excerpted from the review in the Norfolk Journal and Guide.