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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Man & Boy (1971)


The Civil War is over and the West offers unlimited opportunities for the adventurous. Yet the celebration is short-lived for Caleb Rivers (Bill Cosby), a black veteran trying to plant roots under the scorching sun of the Arizona frontier. 

A kindly neighbor gives Revers a horse to help plow the land and support his wife, Ivy (Gloria Foster). But town bigots resent a black man owning a horse and the stallion is stolen, so Revers and his son embark on a dangerous mission to get it back. 

A murderous horse thief, an archival from Revers' past, and a crazed sheriff are among many hostile obstacles which force young Billy to grow up fast - and which provide Bill Cosby a rare opportunity to display his powerful, dramatic talent in his motion picture film debut.