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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jack Conrad - The Monkey Hustle / Harry Betts - Black Mama White Mama (Two in one)

The Monkey Hustle

1. Monkey Hustle
2. Broken Drum
3. Killer Express Freeway
4. Celebration
5. Sweet Mama
6. Goldie and Long Green
7. "D" To School
8. Foxxister Transistor
9. Roller Rink
10. Roller Rink Part 2
11. Block Party
12. Monkey Hustle (M.T.)
13. Rubbish Truck
14. Leon Ambushed
15. Switch

Black Mama, White Mama

16. Main Title
17. Follow Me
18. Day In The Oven
19. Ambush
20. Girls Exit Oven
21. Bus Stop
22. Police Check Point
23. Luis' Work Shed
24. Bloodhounds
25. Challenge and Battle
26. Ambush, Escape and Roundup
27. End Credits

Provided by dtect
This is an upgrade to CD quality soundwise as the previous rip of Monkey Hustle was old and left a little to be desired. Enjoy!