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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jack Conrad - Monkey Hustle (1976)

1. Block Party
2. D to School
3. Foxxister Transistor
4. Goldie and Long Green
5. Killer Express Freeway
6. Leon Ambushed
7. Monkey Hustle Main Theme
8. Rubbish Truck
9. Switch

review from imdb: ...No, the most important element "Car Wash" had that "Monkey Hustle" lacked was a really great soundtrack of classic tunes to tie things together. "Monkey Hustle" is noticeably music-lite for its genre. There is one decent tune--the title track--and it gets played a lot. But lots of scenes cry out for music, and the ones that get it have to make due with endless variations of this same theme. I predict that if AIP had sprung for a funky soundtrack like the producers of Car Wash did, and the filmmakers had come up with even five or seven more minutes of action to explain the ending, "Monkey Hustle" would be seen as a minor classic of the 70's black film era. It never would have been a "Cooley High," but it could have at least been a little brother to "Car Wash" (and it is a HELL of a lot better than "Thank God It's Friday").
I like the Monkey Hustle!, 5 November 2007
Author: curtis martin from Bothell, Washington, Land of Rain

Provided by Frayker Breaks
An old vinyl rip he had lying around. Those looking to hear the OST in better quality should pass on this and instead go for the Monkey Hustle / Black Mama White Mama CD rip provided by dtect.


Funkback said...

All I can say is You guys... *sniff*. This is like a birthday present right here. Do You mind if I share this gem with the good folks over at Cinemageddon?

D'tect said...

I have the Monkey Hustle / Black Mama cd.... very classic sound to it... I love it.... hit me up....

Funkback said...


It's a twofer w. Black Mama/ White Mama by Harry Betts but that does hardly make it worse does it?

Anonymous said...

I am doing my best to collect as many blaxploitation soundtrack original presses as possible. Is this impossible for Monkey Hustle.
I dig the site. It is very helpful!!