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Friday, July 4, 2008

H.B. Barnum - Five On The Black Hand Side (1973)

01. Five On The Black Hand Side (Performed by Keisa Brown & Prime Cut)
02. Kung Fu John Henry
03. Freedom (Performed by H. Barnum)
04. Tell Me You Love Me
05. They Keep Comin
06. Gideon & Morn
07. Black Star Barber Shop
08. Sweet Meat
09. Stormy & Gladys
10. Playin' Numbers
11. Temperance Woman
12. Roof Top Fight
13. Fun Lovin' Rap
14. Mama On The Roof, Gail Reads Demands
15. Fun Lovin' Arrives
16. Reception Line Dance
17. They Keep Comin'
18. I'll Give You Love (Performed by H. Barnum)

Review by The Doctor
This is a soundtrack that was never released on vinyl (Except for a hard to find 45' containing the theme song with Keisa Brown). Any way it has recently been released. For the most part, the music contained is a bunch of 1 to 2 minute musical stings, but I would consider it a pretty solid Blaxploitation album. It contains all the typical instrumentation you'd find in a Blaxploitation soundtrack; rhodes keys, wah guitar, funky beats, etc. Enjoy.


Simon666 said...

Thanx doctor, some good stuff here.

Andre B said...

thanks a lot im checkin this one out

Concept said...

thanks this is dope

Anonymous said...

Yo What Up Self...Dope Blog Indeeed, You Keep It Poppin With Alot Of Rare Stuff, But One Thing Though I Don't Know If Its Just Me Or What But The Link For That "Five On The Blackhand Side" Don't Work. I Get This Weird Pink Message From Mediafire Talking About Cookies And A Firewall And The DL Never Kicks In...Homie, Can You Please Fix This

Erik said...

No problem here! I just knew I would find something this scary when I was back from vacation. Thanx SelfScience and the Uploader at the forum! The movie itself can be found in Cinemageddons blaxploitation project. It's quite hilarious.


Here's my rip in better quality - from original CD (@ 320 kbps)

Erik said...

Thanx Musicdawn for the upgrade. Really aprecciaded!

Que Rico said...

thanks !

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Kala Nation said...

Five on the Black Hand side was the divide in the black community that would manifest itself in the nineties.While other films showed the ghetto,drugs,and pimps.This film showcased the African Nation in American.The Kala Nation salutes the film as revolutionary.

verge said...

Thanks Musicdawn! The og link was dead.

Of course thanks for everything from blaxploitation pride.
I have windows vista and the instructions for the .bad files would never work for me but someone finally helped me out for my system and now I'm gonna try to get any links that are left here.
Thanks for everything!