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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alan Silvestri - The Mack & His Pack (1983)

1. In The Beginning
2. Cruisin'
3. Planetarium
4. Kill Fats Here Today
5. Here Today
6. Party Time
7. We Can Beat This
8. Play Ball
9. Slim
Despite the cover, this soundtrack is actually taken from a 1983 sequel to black action classic The Mack. The movie is very obscure and is not referenced in many of the standard video handbooks. One alternative title is 'The Mack And His Pack'. The movie disappeared straight to video and is hard to find, as is the soundtrack LP on the obscure ALA label. The music, by Alan Silvestri, has a tight 1980s sound and is reminiscent of Three Days Of The Condor in places. The vocal tracks feature the great Gene McDaniels (of ultra-rare funk LP classic 'Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse' fame). The whole album is tight, funky and sparse in sound; slap bass, soprano sax and toppy guitar predominate. Recommended but very hard to find. Absolutely at the opposite end of the funk spectrum from the original Willie Hutch score. Check out 'Party Time' and 'Here Today'.
This is the alternative soundtrack to the classic 70s blaxploitation movie The Mack starring Max Julien, Don Gordon and Richard Pryor.

The movie was originally released in 1973 with a great soundtrack by Willie Hutch. In 1983 and 1985 it was rereleased in cinemas to capitalize on the popularity of Richard Pryor and Roger E. Mosely, who were by now household names.
This LP contains the soundtrack for the reissued movie.
It's a great soundtrack with a top-notch, quality 80s soul and funk vibe - whilst also giving a nod to the classic 70s blaxploitation sound.
Composed by Alan Silvestri, The Mack features vocal performances from the great Gene McDaniels (of funk LP classic 'Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse' fame).
Thanks Frayker Breaks


Unknown said...

NICE!! i just saw this on ebay and was wondering if was a willie hutch reissue. sounds good. thanks

the rapper said...

Many thanks for this one!! Loving the legends series that you've been posting as well. I'm trying to find the Soul Makossa album by the Lafayette afro rock Band, can anybody out there in the blogosphere help??

Erik said... is inaccurate. The movie is no sequel but merely a reissue w. different soundtrack hence the absence in the standard video handbooks. I happen to own a eropean VHS and was sorely dissappointed to find Wille Hutchs excellent score replaced by this very 80's sounding dito. But all the classic lines from the movie dialugue are intact. Check MovieGrooves for more correct info on this! Thanx for sharing this rare soundtrack Frayker Breaks & SelfScience!

Anonymous said...

funkbacks right.The film company decided that a new more modern score was needed when the movie was reissued in 83 - Funny cos this sounds like real cheesy late 70s disco crap.
Personally i thought the original Hutch score was pretty damm poor - just a collection of songs.But this is pretty poor stuff too.And this coming from Silvestri whos a proper big movie score composer.
This is a wierd release,thats all i can say.Avoid it