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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cosmic Slop (1994, TV Movie)

"Cosmic Slop" (1994) is a made-for-television sci-fi movie aired on HBO. It's a three-part anthology of supernatural tales filled with political statements and thought-provoking messages. Reginald Hudlin directed, and Trey Ellis wrote, "Space Traders," based on Derrick Bell's short story. The segment stars Robert Guillaume, Michele Lamar Richards, Bernard Shields, and Bob Gunton. Warrington Hudlin wrote and directed "The First Commandment," which stars Nicholas Turturro, Efrain Figueroa, and Richard Herd. And finally, Kevin Rodney Sullivan directed, and Kyle Baker wrote "Tang," based on the short story by Chester Himes. That segment stars Paula Jai Parker and Chi McBride. George Clinton psychedelically introduces each segment; with no coincidence, the film's title is the same as the 1973 Funkadelic album.

Each story takes a fascinating look into several issues involving race, class, sex, religion, colorism, abuse, and power. In "Space Traders," aliens offer America a solution for some of its troubles, such as debt, pollution, depleting energy, and more, in exchange for all the black people in the country. Nobody knows the fate of the black people if the government agrees to the alien's terms. The second segment, "The First Commandment," is about a Latino priest's conflict between his cultural beliefs and Catholic training in an impoverished neighborhood. The final piece, "Tang," is an explosive performance between Paula Jai White and Chi McBride about a poor and unhappy couple living in the ghetto who mysteriously have a rifle delivered to their home.

"Cosmic Slop" deserves more attention than just being a T.V. anthology. It's a creative piece of black filmmaking that I highly recommend for viewing. 

Creator: Reginald Hudlin
Directors: Reginald Hudlin, Warrington Hudlin, Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Writers: Warrington Hudlin, Trey Ellis, Derrick Bell, Kyle Baker, Chester Himes

Starring Robert Guillaume, Michele Lamar Richards, Bernard Shields, Bob Gunton, Nicholas Turturro, Efrain Figueroa, Richard Herd, Paula Jai Parker, Chi McBride, George Clinton, Larry Anderson, Noƫlle Balfour, Edward Edwards, Tom Finnegan, Craig Kirkwood, Kelly Jo Minter, Daryl Mitchell, Brock Peters, Ebonie Smith, Chino 'Fats' Williams, John Witherspoon

From the creators of "House Party" and "Boomerang," Reginald and Warrington Hudlin takes you on a journey with host George Clinton to a place where alternate realities exist. America offers wealth and prosperity in exchange for all black people. A sacred statue comes to life, causing a priest to face his religion. And a troubled couple is randomly gifted a loaded rifle.