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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lucky Ghost (1942)


Two swindlers, Washington and Jefferson (Moreland and Miller), were roaming around when they came across two high rollers waiting on their chauffeur to get gas after their car ran out. In a streak of luck, Washington won all the belongings from the two men, including a large wad of cash and their fancy car. To celebrate their winnings, Washington and Jefferson head to a local country club which is owned by Blake (Sheffield), a heavy handed boss with a jealous attitude for his hot hostess (O'Brien). When a customer of the club is kicked out by Blake, he is tossed into nearby cemetery where is awakens the dead who happen to be the previous owners of the club and relatives of Blake. Displeased with how Blake is running the club, the ghost is determined to shut everything down and end Washington's streak of luck.